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Few months back, Supreme Court of Pakistan suspended membership of some parliamentarians for holding dual-nationalities. The court’s decision started a new debate in Pakistan whether dual-nationals should be allowed to hold public office or not.

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan clearly bars dual-nationality holders from becoming a parliamentarian. However, some politicians (mainly from PPP) have criticized the clause and have demanded that an amendment should be made to allow dual-nationality holders to become members of parliament. The ruling party has now presented the 21st amendment in the Senate which allows dual-nationals to contest elections and hold public office. But I’m not writing this article to debate on this topic, my purpose of writing is something else.

In Pakistan, no major scandal is considered complete unless the Faujis are made part of it. So, when Supreme Court suspended parliamentarians, people on talk shows & social media sites started raising questions…

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  1. We should admit this bitter fact that it is hard enough for Pakistani nationals to get visit visas for most countries let alone enjoying respect. Many overseas Pakistanis call themselves Indians as that nationality gets them way more respect than the Pakistani one. Those who claim that no dual national can assume office in USA are wrong. A dual nationality holder in the US can run for office. The only office that is prohibited is that of the President as it is reserved for US nationals by birth alone. Also what would you say about those non-dual nationals who lived abroad? There are many good examples of these. I would like to add that If a Justice can remain true to his allegiance to the Constitution of Pakistan, while holding dual nationality, why not everyone else? On second thoughts, the allegiance of the Judiciary to the Constitution leaves much to be desired.

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