PN 97th Officer Commission Passing Out Parade Held at PNS Rahbar

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy (PN) 97th officer commission passing out parade held at Manora PNS Rahbar on Saturday here.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief Tahir Rafique Butt was the guest of honour, while PN Chief Asif Sandela welcomed the special guest on this occasion.

82 midshipmen and 22 short service commission (SSC) officers, including 5 foreigners and 3 female were commissioned. Midshipman Shahriyar obtained the sword of honour.


PNS Mehran Attack – 3 Navy Officers Court-Martialed

Almost a year after the attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi, three Pakistan Navy on-duty officers have been court-martialed for showing negligence and dereliction of their duties, leading to the brazen attack on the naval installation in May last year and the deaths of several naval officers and personnel of other security agencies.

“The court martial proceedings have been completed after being initiated on the recommendation of a Board of Inquiry that was constituted to investigate the PNS Mehran attack last year,” Commodore Irfan-ul-Haq, the chief spokesman of the Pakistan Navy, said on Monday. “I cannot disclose the names and the sentences awarded to naval officers against whom the court martial proceedings were conducted due to the confidentiality of the case” he maintained.

The Naval spokesman, however, confirmed that there were three officers who were sentenced by the court martial. Sources said the naval officers include Base Commander of PNS Mehran at the time of attack, Commodore Raja Tahir, Security Officer of Mehran Base, Lt. Commander Ibrar-ul-Hasan and Commander Mehran Base, Captain Mohammad Israr. Sources said the seniority of Commodore Raja Tahir was reverted up to one year while the remaining two officers’ seniority was reduced by up to six months each.

Over a dozen armed terrorists had attacked PNS Mehran on the night of May 22, 2011 and destroyed two P3C Orion Surveillance aircrafts, damaged another and killed several navy and other security agencies’ personnel.

Pakistan Navy Proposes Pre-Joining Training Center in PNS Akram, Gwadar

Gwadar: Coastal Command has decided to establish a pre-joining training centre at PNS Akram in Gwadar for the induction of local people into the Pakistan Navy.

During a press briefing officials of Coastal Command, COMWEST Command is under the Coastal Command, which is one of the six field commands of Pakistan Navy, informed the media that it has been observed that a large number of candidates from coastal areas are withdrawn from training due their inability to adapt to new environments and coup up with the standards. “Afeasibility has been proposed for setting up a pre-joining training centre at PNS Akram. It would be set up for 60-70 candidates for imparting training of 04 weeks. The training of first batch will commence by the month of June,” he said.
He said Pakistan Naval Civilian Authority (PNCA) and Recruitment Directorate teams from Karachi, frequently visit Gwadar to induct the candidates from coastal areas as civilian and uniform personnel for Pakistan Navy. “Relaxation in age and passing percentage is also being given to local populace. Recently Naval Recruitment and Selection Center has been established at Gwadar to further facilitate candidates of coastal town.”
The total number of personnel inducted in year 2011 and 2012 both in civil and uniform cadres from Makran coastal belt.  As many as 40 in civil ande 30 uniform while 232 civil and 48 uniform have been selected, including
Coastal Command has urged the government to initiate development projects in Coastal region of Balochistan with the coordination of local fishermen and review the under construction projects since it is creating mistrust between the institutions and local people.
The media was informed that Provincial government started a number of projects for the betterment of local populace in order to boost living standard of the fisherman communities. “The construction of jetties was commenced at Jiwani, Pishukan and Sur Bandar. However despite lapse of considerable time all these jetties are yet to be concluded,” they said. Though the one at Sur Bandar has been recently commenced however its fate as is envisaged to be the same. “Such activities have gravely perturbed the local populace and have developed mistrust on government institutions. Therefore there is a need to review these projects and plan their construction in coordination with the local fishermen community.
About the Dredging at Pasni Fish Harbour, the official said Pasni fish harbor was constructed in 1989. As per designed requirement the breakwater was to be extended further 150 meters. However, after a lapse of 20 years same was not completed, resultantly heavy siltation has occurred inside harbor render it in-operative. Subsequently Japan government rendered Rs. 800 millions grant for its dredging. However since last two years the harbour is non-functional. On numerous occasions local fishermen have approached PN for the dredging efforts.
Geo-strategic challenges have brought about a paradigm shift in the global security calculus. These have influenced the maritime security environment as well. Tthe Global Maritime Context, there is a visible shift from Blue water i.e. open ocean operations to operations close to the coast commonly known as littorals. As a result Navies of the world are now increasingly focused on policing roles and Maritime Security Operations against asymmetric threats. In the Regional Maritime Context, energy security has emerged as a vital interest, and Makran coast is most significant in Indian ocean littorals due to proximity to the Persian Gulf oil shipment route on which approximately 17 million barrels of oil is shipped daily. Development of port and maritime infrastructure along the western coast provides immense economic benefits. It provides superior strategic orientation to PN vis-à-vis its neighbours offering flexibility in Maritime operations.
The Providing support for Fleet operations at sea through coastal surveillance, provision of logistics and technical support to PN ship’s, S/Ms and aircraft operating from coastal areas including establishment of secondary Maritime HQs and Dockyard at JNB.
Pak Marines actively participated in relief operations during Cyclone in Creeks Areas in years 1999, 2000 and floods in 2010 and 2011. Through their dedicated efforts, many precious lives were saved during these disasters and people were provided with timely relief. These operations were facilitated through utilizing manpower, helicopters, boats and hovercraft. In 2010, PN assets were deployed in Charsada and Nowshera regions in KPK, while in Sindh, the operation was carried out in 14 districts, it started from Kashmore District in the North to Thatta in the South. During these operations over 2,23,000 people were rescued.
Health Care Services.    Ladies and gentlemen, the addition of PNS DARMAAN JAH in western coastal region has been instrumental towards providing quality health care services to locals. It is the most modern hospital South of Quetta and West of Karachi, having facilities such as trauma centre, labour room, operation theatre, ICU, dentistry and even a dialyses unit. Thus for, over 11,000 civilian patients at OUTDOOR and over 100 admission cases have been provided free health care services at PNS DARMAAN JAH since its commissioning.  On average Rs.1.2 million are being spent on free medicines and other procedures of civilian patients on monthly basis. Initially 25 bedded facility has been developed which would be progressively enhanced to a 100 Bedded hospital with complete range of modern medical facilities.
Apart from Medical services being rendered through PN Hospital, free medical camps in the entire coastal belt is a regular feature. Mainly the camps are organized at Gwadar, Pasni, Turbat and Jiwini areas where free medical check ups and medicines are provided to the civilians. Moreover, different specialists visit Gwadar on fortnightly basis to facilitate local population.
Pakistan Navy is also endeavoring to arrange for quality education for the local youth. In this regard Bahria School Ormara and Gwadar are being run by PN. School at Ormara was established in May 2004 and at present 520 students are studying up to 9th standard; 95 % of whom are locals. As an interim arrangement, Bahria school has been established in 8 x CPOs quarters and purpose built building for Bahria school Ormara shall be completed in the second half of current year where the school will be shifted subsequently.  Moreover, it is also planned to open a similar school in Turbat and Jiwani in near future
HQs Coastal Command has also initiated a programme of free education for Baluchi students at PN Model Schools at Karachi. About 30 selected students are being provided with free education alongwith boarding & lodging facilities by PN. In order to encourage and motivate the young generation of this province, Govt Boys High School Ormara has been adopted by PN since 2000. The efforts put in by PN have resulted in improving the secondary class’s results.  The major support provided by PN that are included Distribution of Free Text Books, Replacement of Old furniture, Provision of Lab equipment, Setting up of library, Provision of Sports gear. Moreover, Govt school at Surbandar has also being adopted by PN for provisioning of quality education to area children. PN is working to establish a cadet college at Ormara to afford modern educational facilities to the youth of this region. Ground breaking ceremony of college is planned shortly. COMSATS institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is also considering to establish their campus in Ormara in near future. Independent units of NUC are being run at Gwadar and Ormara to offer daily use commodities at subsidized rates to service personnel and civilians in the area. Recently PN has opened a PN Recruitment Centre at Gwadar to facilitate coastal population in induction process. Furthermore, Pre Joining Training Centre is also being established at Gwadar shortly, which will offer pre-joining training to locals, selected to join PN, so that they are able to compete with the rest of the recruits selected from all over the country in PN Training Establishments. In last couple of years about 150 locals have joined PN as sailors and about 200 have been inducted as Civilian.  Focused induction schemes alongwith various relaxations in terms of educational standards and age requirement are being afforded to the local populace. Furthermore, in order to facilitate induction of Balouchistan youth into PN officer cadre, a special Short Service scheme for locals has also been introduced.
Coastal command is now well established performing its assigned tasks effectively. It is playing a vital role in supporting other commands of PN, development of maritime infrastructure, protection of economic interests along the coast and socio-economic development of coastal areas. Coastal Command continues to strive for achieving the envisioned future of Pakistan and Pakistan Navy.
Media was informed that Turbat being the major population centre in MAKRAN Division is also being focused by PN and a Naval Air Station is being developed there as per operational dictates. In order to assist locals apart from PN and other armed forces personnel, it is planned to establish a hospital like PNS DARMAAN JAH at Turbat in near future.

Navy Fully Prepared To Counter Any Forces Challenging Pak’s Sovereignty: Admiral Sandila

Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Muhammad Asif Sandila has said that Pakistan Navy is fully prepared to counter any forces challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty or threatening the security of the country’s waters.

He was speaking as Chief Guest at the commissioning ceremony of PNS Azmat, Pakistan’s first Fast Attack Craft (Missile) at Xingang Shipyard in Tianjin on Monday.

Admiral Sandila said the induction of PNS Azmat will supplement Pakistan Navy’s combat potential. Terming it a milestone in defence and strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China, he said “This ship will undoubtedly be a very welcome addition in PN Fleet which would indeed provide synergy in defence of our sea frontiers. Its immense firepower coupled with stealthy features makes it a real versatile platform which would not only prove vital for ensuring effective presence in our area of operations, but would bring a new dimension of operation of stealthy platform of this tonnage.”

Chief of the Naval Staff said the commissioning of PNS Azmat concluded the construction of Fast Attack Craft (Missile) in China and the construction of second craft will be completed in Pakistan by the end of 2012. He appreciated the hard work and professional competence of the designers, engineers, technicians and workers who were associated with this project.

PNS Azmat is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and sensors. Addition of this ship will strengthen the Pakistan Navy’s fleet with advance naval warfare capability and prowess. Work for the construction of two FAC (M) ships was started in June 2010.

On its way to Pakistan the ship will stop over in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Masood Khan and the presidents of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Company and Xingang Shipyard as well as high ranking officials of Pakistan Navy and PLA were present on this occasion.


Pak Navy Ship PNS Alamgir On Goodwill Visit To Saudi Arabia

Pakistan’s Consul General Abdul Salik Khan said his country and Saudi Arabia enjoy excellent relations. Speaking as the chief guest at a reception held Monday night aboard PNS Alamgir, which is on a goodwill visit to Saudi Arabia, the consul general thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and the Saudi leadership for looking after the interests of the Pakistani community in the Kingdom. He said relations between the two countries are based on deep love and reverence.

Commander of the ship Capt. Naveed Ashraf said Saudi-Pak relations are of strategic nature and goodwill visits by navy ships from friendly countries strengthen these bonds. He also spoke about the cooperation between Pakistan and Royal Saudi Navy.

He said PNS Alamgir has taken part in various deployments and exercises in the country and abroad. The ship, commissioned in August 2012, is equipped with the state-of-the-art combat management system, torpedoes and missiles. It can operate an organic helicopter and is capable of fighting in all three dimensions. He said Pakistan Navy and Saudi Royal Navy will also have joint exercises. Later, a cake was cut to celebrate the long-lasting friendship between the two countries.

Meanwhile, an 18-member delegation from the National Defense University (NDU) of Pakistan visited the Diplomatic Studies Institute and the Military Command and Staff College in Riyadh.

The delegation led by Air Commodore Pirzada Kamalullah A. Siddiqui received detailed briefings followed by interactive sessions. Matters pertaining to professional skills, capacity building, Saudi-Pak relations and combat capabilities of armed forces came under discussion.

On Monday, the delegation visited the Ministry of Defense and called on Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Hussain bin Abdullah Al-Qubayal.