PAF Holds Graduation Ceremony at Combat Commanders’ School, Sargodha

A graduation ceremony of the combat commanders’ course was held on Friday at the Combat Commanders’ School, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Base Mushaf in Sargodha. 

Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt was the chief guest on the occasion.

In his address to the graduating combat commanders, the air chief said that the nature of aerial warfare continued to rise in complexity under a time-compressed environment.

Butt said, “Any future conflict in our region would entail the employment of air power in a manner that we have not witnessed before. The application of air power at different levels and modes could stretch our limited resources to the maximum and test our resolve. It is for this reason alone, that our force structuring and operational training must continue to evolve progressively to meet the future challenges. Air Headquarters is fully aware of this situation and the Air Staff remains committed to make PAF second to none’.”

The chief guest awarded certificates and trophies to a total of 23 officers who underwent a highly professional service course of six and a half months duration. The Air Chief of the Air Staff Trophy for overall best performance was awarded to Squadron Leader Nouman Ali Khan. Air Officer Commanding Trophy for the best performance in Air Defence Course was awarded to Squadron Leader Faisal Iqbal.