Top Level Promotions in PAF: Four Air Commodores Promoted

Government of Pakistan has promoted Air Commodore Anis-Ur-Rehman, Air Commodore Sohail Ahmad Malik, Air CommodoreMuhammad Salman and Air Commodore Ijaz Mahmood Malik to the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

Air Vice Marshal Anis-Ur-Rehman was commissioned in Pakistan Air Force on 29 March, 1982 in GD (P) Branch. During his career, he has commanded a Fighters’ Squadron, a Fighters’ Wing and an Operational Air Base. He is a graduate of Combat Commanders’ School, Air War College and National Defence University. He is a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military).

Air Vice Marshal Sohail Ahmad Malik was commissioned in Pakistan Air Force on 15 January, 1982 in Engineering Branch. During his career, he has served as Chief Engineer JF-17 Co-Production and as Managing Director at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory Kamra. He is a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) and Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military).

Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Salman was commissioned in Pakistan Air Force on 24 September, 1982 in Engineering Branch. During his career, he has commanded an Engineering Wing and has been working as Managing Director of Mirage Rebuild Factory at PAC Kamra. He is a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military).

Air Vice Marshal Ijaz Mahmood Malik was commissioned in Pakistan Air Force on 23 November, 1981 in Air Defence Branch. He has worked on all the main Air Defence Systems of Pakistan Air Force. During his career, he has commanded a Sector Operations Center and an Air Base. He is a graduate ofCombat Commanders’ School, Air War College and National Defence University. He is a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military).


Pakistani Naval Commodore Meets BDF C-n-C

The BDF Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa met today with the CTF-150 commander Pakistani Naval Commodore Mukhtar Khan.

During the meeting, the BDF Commander-in-Chief welcomed the visiting Pakistani CTF 150 commander and reviewed with him existing bilateral friendly cooperation relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan and ways and means to boost these relations citing constant development of bilateral military liaison.

The two sides also discussed various issues of mutual interest.

The meeting was attended by the director of the BDF Headquarters Major-General Yusuf Ahmed Al-Jalahma.

V Corps Validates Pakistan Army’s Cutting Edge Capabilities

Karachi: Corps Headquarters at Karachi conducted maneuver exercise to perfect battle drills of all combat elements from June 12 to 15. The exercise is part of ever continuing training process in the light of the directives of Pak Army designed after deliberate process of war preparedness. Units/elements, including infantry, artillery, air defence, engineers, electrical and mechanical engineering, signals, aviation and others took part in the exercise. The exercise validated some of the recently acquired cutting edge capabilities of Pakistan Army. Corps Commander Karachi, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ijaz Choudary, visited troops busy in the field exercise and battle today. Corps Commander, during the visit highlighted importance of operational preparedness and appreciated the efforts of the soldiers in the field.

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Pioneer Institution in the Country to be Awarded ISO-15189

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Rawalpindi was awarded ISO-15189 accreditation by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), in a prestigious ceremony held at Islamabad. Honorable Minister for Science & Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali was the chief guest at the occasion.  All six laboratories (departments) of AFIP were simultaneously accredited for this highly coveted achievement.  AFIP becomes the pioneer institution in the whole country to have satisfactorily met the criteria as per ISO-15198.
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Rawalpindi is one of the premier health care establishments of Pakistan Armed Forces.  Ever since its inception, it has gone from strength to strength in its stated mission of provision of diagnostic facilities, imparting postgraduate training in many disciplines of pathology and promotion of research and development activities.  As a quality conscious establishment, the institute has stringent protocols for the analysis, performance and systematic efforts to improve it. It received its ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2009.  The recent accreditation is based on ISO-15189 standards which specifies requirements for accreditation, quality and competence particular to medical laboratories.

Gen Kayani Refuses To Meet US Assistant Defence Secretary Peter Lavoy

In a powerful signal of the extent to which bilateral ties have plummeted in recent times, the office of the Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, has politely turned down a request for a meeting by visiting US assistant defence secretary, Peter Lavoy.

“Yes, it is correct that a meeting was requested but the General Headquarters declined. We are not aware if Peter Lavoy was given any reasons,” Pakistani officials told The News. US officials in Washington also confirmed the same.

“There are several reasons for turning down Lavoy. It is to tell the Americans that you cannot be bad-mouthing us day in and day out and then expect a meeting with Pakistan’s most powerful personality. You cannot trash our sovereignty, threaten us, announce intensified drone attacks, kill our soldiers, refuse to apologise when you do the same in Kabul, hold back our money (CSF), threaten to cut off all aid and then pretend that it is business as usual,” is how one official put it.

The News spoke to officials involved in working out the ‘package deal’ with the US and it appears that there are clear instructions that more important than the pricing of the Nato containers is the US apology. “We would be willing to forgo charges in return for assurances on our sovereignty and offer of an apology. It means more than the money, we are more concerned about our dignity and honour. If we get assurances that our sovereignty will not be violated and our dignity will be respected, we will not bother about the money part. Price of containers is not an important issue,” said one official.

He said that Lavoy has been told that without an apology it would not be possible to move forward on opening up the Ground Lines of Communications, (GLOCs). “One cannot predict the outcome of our discussions. The process remains unpredictable. The apology remains the key to preserve our dignity. In the absence of same it has been difficult to move forward,” the official added.

Sources in Washington and Islamabad say that for the time being efforts are underway to ensure that an acceptable apology is delivered one way or the other to Pakistan. “There appears to be a slim chance that an acceptable apology will surface. Neither side is ready to accept the language the interlocutors are working on and time is running out. GHQ has to understand that a ready apology was pushed aside and now too many issues have overtaken the apology. US aid is being threatened to be completely cut off because of Shakeel Afridi’s arrest. One side has to step back and it appears no one is ready to do so,’ explained one diplomat.

The News also learnt Sunday that the establishment is also demanding nothing less than a US apology for the Salala killings and says that the ‘apology’ and not the ‘pricing’ of Nato containers is imperative for Pakistan. “No apology, no package deal,” is the message being sent to Lavoy.

Lavoy is still in town and Sunday evening was to be spent at the US embassy for informal discussions. The government is withholding commenting on the meetings that Lavoy has held so far, except an important one with finance minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on Saturday.Not too long ago, Pakistan also asked US ambassador for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman not to come to Pakistan.

Kayani’s office has been quite generous in the past in accomodating visiting dignitaries, especially Americans. In fact there had been criticism that protocol has not been strictly followed and officials of lower ranks also found their way into the COAS’ office.

Less than twenty four hours ago Lavoy’s boss defense secretary Leon Panetta accused Pakistan’s military of giving safe havens to Afghan ‘terrorists’, threatened that the US would, if necessary, take action inside North Waziristan to take out the Haqqani network and publicly declared that the US was at war in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata). “Without getting into the details of what we may or may not do, I think it suffices to say that the United States will do whatever it has to do to protect its forces,” threatened Panetta in a television interview.

As US rhetoric reaches a new high, it is understandable why Lavoy could not partake of a cup of coffee with Kayani.Meanwhile, the Pakistan military’s insistence that the US should apologise for intruding into Pakistan’s airspace on November 26, 2011 and killing and wounding its soldiers, is once again on the top of the agenda of all bilateral discussions.

However, there also appears to be some confusion about how ‘vital’ this US apology has become. For months now, the focus of deliberations has centered around a package deal which included fixing an agreed price for each Nato container passing through Pakistan, Coalition Support Funds payment to Pakistan, iron-clad guarantees that Salala-like attacks will not repeated, all agreements would be put on paper and a US apology would be delivered.

The US apology was not being highlighted until recently when foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, in an interview in Doha to Foreign Policy magazine, challenged the Obama administration to live up to America’s democratic ideals by respecting the will of Pakistan’s elected legislature. “A representative Parliament of 180 million people has spoken on one subject. [This is] something which should have been forthcoming the day this incident happened, and what a partnership not only demands, but requires,” she said.

Airmen Passing Out Parade Held at PAF base, Korangi Creek

Passing out of Aero Tech and Aero Support Entry was held here at PAF Base, Korangi Creek. A PAF press release here on Friday said that Air Marshal Waseem ud din, Acting Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, was the chief guest of the ceremony.
He said on the occasion that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a highly professional force that is committed to provide an invincible defence shield to the aerial frontiers of Pakistan.
Addressing the Aero Apprentices and all invitees, he emphasized that Pakistan is facing daunting challenges of internal and external security.
In order to meet such challenges, Pakistan Air Force has taken bold decisions to induct hi-tech weapon systems. However, he added, that such developments call for a complete transformation and necessitate incorporation of a corresponding concept of maintenance in the PAF.
Pakistan Air Force ensures such balance through professional excellence and quality training that is periodically reviewed to incorporate contemporary training concepts and methodologies.
Pakistan Air Force while meeting the challenges of the defence also remains committed along with the nation in fulfilling its all national obligations.
A total of 310 Aero Apprentices including personnel from Pakistan Navy and friendly countries successfully completed their technical training.
Five trophies were awarded to the passing out Apprentices; Three in academics, one in General Service Training and one for the Overall Best Performance.
Asghar Khan Trophy for the Best in Aeronautics Technology was awarded to AC Muhammad Usman; Noor Khan Trophy for the Best in Avionics Technology was awarded to AC Muhammad Mansha; Zafar Chaudhry Trophy for best in Aero Support Technology from School of Aeronautics was awarded to AC Hassan Ejaz; Trophy for the Best in General Service Training was awarded to AC Wg Sgt Maqsood Aalam, and Chief of the Air Staff’s Trophy for the Overall Best Performance was awarded to AC Muhammad Usman. Air Commodore Tariq Nazir, Base Commander PAF Base, Korangi Creek, presented the course report. Felicitating the Aero Apprentices for this singular honour, thechief guest wished them bright future and success in their future assignments.
He also commended the instructional staff for their sincere endeavors and commitment to the cause of training.

Pakistan Army Declares Gayari Victims as Martyrs

 52 days have passed since the tragic incident of Gayari. Notwithstanding the resolve of troops employed on search operations, excavation work is taking time due to constraints imposed by terrain and weather. Through their untiring efforts, bodies of three shuhada have been recovered, so far. Nature and magnitude of the calamity is suggestive of no probability of recovering any person alive.
In this back drop, religious leaders of prominence from all sects and factions were consulted. Aspects related to socio religious dimensions / implications, requirements to initiate the process of documentation, and reduction of the sufferings of the bereaved families have been evaluated in detail. From this deliberate exercise, it has been decided to declare the remaining brave soldiers as “Shuhada”. This is being done with mixed feelings of pride, grief and above all unflinching resolve to continue all out efforts to recover the bodies of all shuhada.